Moving Helpers

Hiring Moving helpers is usually the cheaper more cost effective way to move from place to place.

Our main goal is to save you time and money. We do that with what we call our 50/50 model. Instead of hiring a full service moving company that passes on the overhead costs of maintaining trucks, we provide you with quality moving help that will load and/or unload your rented truck or storage unit.

Our coordinators will arrange a time and a place for you to pick up a rental truck for our loaders to load and unload, saving you time and money (if that is what you need).

Otherwise, we are also storage unit and POD Loaders (the best in the business).stokado_self_storage1

If you are looking for moving and storage options to aide in that big transition to the new house or you are relocating across country, we can help load you up for safe travel and secure storage with PODS.

Our loaders are experienced with other moving and storage container options too. PODS, ABF trailers and Uhaul’s U-Pack are amongst the most popular.